Have Your Baby at the Birth Center

Your sanctuary for labor and birth

Childbirth is a sacred, natural and normal process. Giving birth actually requires your body to let go and relax, as well as to focus and push. We know that combination can be tough to achieve in today’s fast-paced world.

We designed the birth center to be a safe, gentle, cozy environment to support your relaxation and focus, away from all the tasks and distractions that are part of every day life.

  • Valley Birthplace is a licensed birth center facility that has met the rigorous requirements of both the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC).
  • At Valley Birthplace, we offer an intimate experience — ideal for one or two people for support during labor (partner, spouse, friend, doula, anyone you choose).  We recommend giving a role to each person that you invite to keep everyone engaged in supporting you in ways that work best for you. In addition, there will be one of our nurse-midwives and one of our nurses.
  • During labor at the birth center, you are in charge and can control your environment, wear your own clothes, and move around freely.
  • Giving birth is a workout! We encourage you to bring light snacks and drinks with you to restore your energy and electrolytes. Some people bring drinks infused with vitamins or coconut water.
  • We also recommend that you bring a meal to celebrate and re-energize after the baby is born. A casserole or lasagna is easy for your support people to pop in the oven, so that they can stay focused on helping you without getting distracted with food preparation.
  • Two birth rooms, each with:
    • Home-like decor and feeling
    • Emergency equipment handy, yet tucked out of sight
    • Tub for labor pain management and/or water birth
    • Full size bed
    • Birthing stool and birthing ball 
  • Our nurse-midwives:
    • Monitor you and your baby’s health and well-being, ready to support your process, intervening only when medically necessary. If you happen to go past your due date, we use herbal or Homeopathic induction methods whenever possible, before graduating to medical approaches.
    • Are expert at recognizing signs that could develop into emergencies and doing whatever is possible to improve the situation.
    • Stay with you in the event that you need to transfer to the hospital for care. They  work with the staff there to ensure that you and your baby have the best possible experience.
  • Our group of consulting obstetricians is supportive of the midwifery model of care and one is always available if the need arises.

After your baby is born

You’ll get to leave for home four hours after the birth. During that special time with your newborn, we help you to begin to breastfeed. We give you pointers and support your success in that important bonding time.

You may invite a small number of close family to drop by to visit our cozy space after the baby is born. After you’ve rested and enjoyed a celebration meal, you’ll be ready to return to the comfort of your own home. There you will be able to greet more friends and family who want to see you and meet the baby.

Learn more about your home visit after giving birth at Valley Birth Place.