About Valley Birthplace

At Valley Birthplace, we trust your body’s innate and instinctive ability to give birth. We listen and respond to your questions and concerns so you can make the best decisions about your care.

When you surround yourself with those who believe birth is a normal process, it strengthens your trust in yourself and in your own intuition. This inner strength and wisdom stays with you for a lifetime. It empowers, connects and transforms you to a new level of consciousness in the world.

Barbara d’Amato, CNM founded Valley Birthplace Birth Center & Woman Care in 1987 to provide empowering care to women like you, who are seeking a sanctuary for health and birth care. We are proud to serve the community of Huntingdon Valley and the surrounding area from Norristown to Philadelphia.

Our care spans the life of your feminine health services from adolescence through menopause. At Valley Birthplace we provide services and education for:

  • Girls coming in for an initial gynecological visit
  • Women seeking yearly gynecological exams and screening, as well as family planning and fertility support
  • Pregnant women seeking prenatal care, delivery/birth care, postpartum care, and normal newborn care up through the first month
  • Mature women seeking menopausal consultations

Meet Our Midwives

Barbara d’Amato, CNM, Director

At Valley Birthplace, all of our midwives are certified nurse-midwives (CNM), registered nurses with advanced training from a rigorous nurse-midwifery program.  Nurse-midwives have been practicing in the USA since the 1920’s and have a long history of facilitating successful outcomes for mothers and babies in a variety of settings, including home birth, birth centers, and hospitals. You can learn more about the education of CNMs from the national professional organization for midwives, called the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM).

Our Birth Assistants

Our birth assistants are registered nurses (RN) with labor and delivery experience, as well as experience in coaching new mothers in breastfeeding.

{Head Shots } Jeanne Brennan, RN, Melinda Williamson, RN, Kari Owens, RN

Aven Hyatt, Office Manager

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